Sunday, October 2, 2016

lipstick minis swatch and reviews: sephora collection, bite beauty and marc jacobs

I adore mini anything and this past month four new to me lipstick samples have been on constant rotation. If you play your cards right you quite possibly would never need to purchase lipstick. Sephora often has one lip mini a month available with orders or free with points/in store offers.
Here is a look at them in case you ever seen them available to sample!

sephora collection always red and rebel chic
For the month of September (I know the Polo Park Sephora still has some available) Sephora was offering free lip minis in stores, no purchase necessary you just needed to be on their e-mail list and show them the offer.  So naturally I went back and got two!

sephora collection cream lip stain in 01 always red: I had never used a liquid lipstick so it was a real treat to try. This is such a unique texture, it dries matte and gives off a lot of color. The only downside is this particular shade wore off really badly when worn out to a meal. I tested twice when eating out and it wore off in an unflattering way. It would be great to run errands in, not 100% sold if I purchase in a full size just yet.

sephora collection rouge matte lipstick in M11 rebel chic: I was looking for a berry shade for fall and this color is so dreamy! The formula is thin and lightweight on the lips and it did not feather into my fine line like most darker shades tend to do on me. Careful application is needed since it does stain the skin but overall I really love this and am tempted to check out the shade no superstar in person.

bite beauty gazpacho and marc jabobs kiss kiss bang bang
bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in gazpacho (100 point perk): Woo was I happy to see this offered as a point perk I pretty much save up my points for bite beauty products. Gazpacho is a true blue-based red that is bright and cheery. The only pitfall which I think is linked to it being a natural product is that at least on me in turned pink through out the day, it ends the day more of a strawberry toned red. True sticklers for red lips may not like that. It fades and wear off beautifully and had no issues of me looking like a fool after a days work.

marc jacobs kiss kiss bang bang (part of the sephora b-day kit): I could not wait for my birthday to go and pick this up. This shade is described as a baked rose and it is a welcome addition since I tend to wear and own only bright lipstick. The formula is matte but oh so lovely, it wears off evenly and lasted quite a while on me. I am now tempted to pick up a holiday set from marc jacobs to enjoy more little mini like this.

Are there certain types of samples that you will always say yes too?


  1. That is so often the case with liquid lipsticks, even the "long wear" varieties, I find. I was hugely into them about 8 - 12 years ago, but haven't found too many that are guaranteed GF, so I not worn many in recent years. I'd certainly be up for trying any that were though and, upon thinking about it again now, am going to have a poke around online to see what I can find. Thanks for the reminder! :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica