Wednesday, October 26, 2016

my october thrift finds + thrift stories

all the plates: 
Usually I come home with all the bowl but this month all the plates came home with me. I found a long searched for jadeite serving platter at the salvation army (pictured here) and at another salvation army the above franciscan starburst plates. Believe it or not I put these plates back because they were chipped. I went back later in the week and they were waiting for me! I adore them and now have been fully bitten by the atomic starburst bug.

rookie mistakes:
I made a few poor choices at the thrift this month. One by not trying on vintage clothes and two by putting vintage clothes back on the rack. There was a grey cashmere holt renfrew cardigan that I have been dreaming about all month. It had a hole (completely fixable) and I put it back, didn't try it on so I could fall in love with it and over look said hole. I went back for it later in the week and it was gone... I hope it did not get thrown out because another customer saw the hole and complained that is my worry. Maybe next month I will learn.

This month I finally bought simichrome polish so I could properly test out my vintage plastic. As it turns out all the pieces I have bought were not bakelite. It is good to know, eventually I will be able to train my eye better.  I was so darn sure the above bangles were real! They are now listed in my etsy shop. They are still vintage just made from resin and are the best fakelite pieces I have seen.

How was October at the thrifts for others?

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