Wednesday, November 23, 2016

last week in vintage

Nothing came home with me from the thrift store last week. I did spot this adorable beaded knit top which I posted on Instagram and it was one of my most liked pictures! Local vintage lover Marissa loved it so much she was went to the store to snap it up. No regrets, she let me try it on before buying it so I could really make sure I didn't want it. I have to learn to start wearing the beaded tops I already own and not add more to my collection.

Kali from atomic age vintage had messaged me a few weeks back saying that she had found the match to my lone norcrest salt shaker. I met up with her at a holiday vintage sale where she ended up gifting it to me along with the matching tooth pick holder, which is 100% being used right now.

At the vintage sale I did treat myself to a 1940s brass and bakelite necklace. I always search for these at sales, the thrifts and online but always seen to come up empty handed. I didn't over think things and just bought it. It is very different from anything I already own so that is a good thing.

Has was last week for others?

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