Monday, November 7, 2016

recent drugstore hits, mehs and misses

A few new affordable beauty bits have made their way into my bathroom. Here is a look at what has been a hit and what was not.

covergirl clean matte BB cream:
This come out over the summer to rave reviews, it took me until September to try it out and well it is wonderful. It does not keep my skin matte all day but the great thing about it is that it does not break down weird on my oily skin. I can wear this all day at work and not feel like I want to wash my face. It has good coverage too (I would say almost like a medium foundation)  It is very similar to the ready, set, gorgeous foundation by covergirl but I find this one transfers less and does not oxidize as much so it is my pick out of the two.

annabelle oil free eye makeup remover:
My previous makeup remover got discontinued so I was happy to be able to replace it with one from a Canadian brand. Oil free removers are great for being able to touch up smudged mascara and eyeliner. It truly does not leave any residue on the skin, if you mess up your cat eye you can use this to take it off and put eyeliner right back on. It is good!

essence pure nude highlighter:
I am not personally a "highlighter" girl but I think it is good to have one on hand. I was waiting for sephora to offer a highlighter as a point perk and well that hasn't happened yet... so I saw this on youtube and decided to give it a go for $5.50. It is a baked mineral highlighter so there is no glitter just glow to it. It is a nice golden champagne color that doesn't look obvious on my pale skin.

marcelle flawless skin concealer:
I have used the foundation that matches this and really liked it so I figured the concealer would be fabulous. Sadly this is very thin and a bit too orange for my skin tone (I am sure the peach is meant to counter act dark circles but I can't see it working) it does not settle into fine lines and feels very light. I am still using it but need to use 2 layers.

L'oreal extraordinary clay shampoo:
I should have known better than to be swayed by advertising. The commercials promised 3rd day hair! I am looking for a good second day hair so I figured this would be a hit. It isn't a terrible shampoo I have used worse it just did not make my hair less oily the next day and I didn't like how my hair felt while using it. The one upside I did notice with it, was that is tamed by static-y hair. 

What have others been loving from the drugstore?

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  1. oohh always overlooked annabelle in the drugstore.. should check out that makeup remover next time i visit! :D

    Have a great day!
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