Wednesday, November 16, 2016

shopping local: public general store

Image borrowed from their Instagram account @shop_public
Beautiful images from public general store have been popping up in my insta feed for quite some time now.  Sybil a few weeks back did an amazing round up post on her blog and gave me that last little kick to get down to see what they offered.

I went on a beautiful Sunday because I could (they are open Sundays!) I was in search of a locally made or organic lip scrub. They do offer one but that is not what I can home with, help me. Instead I choose a coffee argan face/body scrub from leaves of trees, it smelled too good. As for using it as a lip is oil based so it melts on your fingers and lips not the best option but I am making it work. It is lovely used on the face.

I adore mint green tea blends and had yet to try the offerings from teamate a Winnipeg based tea shop and blender. Some teas feature locally grown in Manitoba ingredients, my mint green is one of them! The blend itself is a lot more green than mint. The mint is very subtle but overall it is a very nice blend.

Public general store had a really nice assortment of local and Canadian products. I do hope to go back and maybe pick up the lip scrub I left behind.


  1. yay you made it!! such a beautiful space! :D and i love that they're open Sundays!!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. I've been meaning to check out the shop for extra long now! Now I feel terribly urged to go as soon as this snow lets up. :))