Wednesday, November 2, 2016

thrift snap shots

things that did not come home with me:
I did bring the above hat to the till and almost pay for it but put it back after I found out it was not on sale. It was a club members sale day and I got things mixed up. I was in a mood and didn't want to pay full price that day apparently!
I adore lipstick holders while this 1960's girl was cute the $9.99 price tag was not.

things that did come home with me and went back:
I should not be allow to buy things that are not complete it dives me nuts trying to track down original pieces. My green mixer was missing it's beaters it took me 5 months to find something that fit and then a month later I go find a twin mixer with the original beaters... so obviously I bought it to see if the factory beaters were better. I am glad I did they are actually not very good and super noisy, the beaters I made work are shockingly better so I brought the cream one back and exchanged it for the items below!

my new to me beauties!
I snagged the little jadeite bowl off the cart as new items were being put out, whoop whoop. The jewelry are the stars here though. I haven't found any worthy brooches in months so I was super happy to add an older plastic (not bakelite) leaf brooch to my collection. The 1940's paste bird was a must as well as the moon!
I put my simichrome to good use. I did feel weird swabbing these out in the open but I am sure glad I did, they turned out to be bakelite! This will be my first time thrifting such a thing. I didn't test any other pieces in the store since I figured I would probably get caught so I happily snagged these.
One will be for a gift while the other pair should be in my etsy shop next week.

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