Sunday, December 18, 2016

last week in pictures

Last weekend I delivered my cookie bags (recipe can be found here) I wrapped them in a simple cello bag and topped with my favorite vintage doily added some ribbon and it was birds on top of birds, just how I like it. 

For the winter I have gone back to making simple masks to help hydrate and soothe my skin. I used my beeproject apiaries honey (which has frozen in my cupboard...) I warmed it up for 10 seconds in the microwave added a drop and lavender oil and spread on my face with a mask brush. Honey is surprisingly easy to wash off and leaves your skin so soft and subtle.

My friend in Vancouver set over my Christmas gift and I opened it early... it was filled with locally made products from Vancouver. I am not brave enough to use natural shampoo just yet but this soap bar has been perfect to wash my make-up sponge with. The dry shampoo is super heavy duty but perfect for my dark hair. Me and the mask are working on finding the perfect way to mix and use it.
I am out of loose tea bags and have to wait to enjoy my tea.
I am currently working on a local Winnipeg box to send back:)

This year for the holidays I decided that Tarte's shape tape concealer was going to be my little splurge to myself. I 100% gave into the you tube hype... sadly I do not get on with it. I "may" have picked the wrong shade? I picked up light neutral which is a peach shade with both yellow and pink undertones which I thought would be perfect for my dark circles. It is supposed to be high coverage but I can definitely still see my blue bags peeking out. It is drying and cakes up a bit under my eye through out the day. Not worth the shipping and duty fees I paid for it, live and learn.

How was last week for others? 

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