Sunday, December 11, 2016

thrift snapshots

I haven't bought anything from the thrift store in a little over a month. I have been trying to make sure the things that come home with me I will use or be able to gift. Trying not buy something just because it is vintage. I have done pretty good, here is a look at what tempted me this month.

vintage cardigan:
I own a black version of this and it is my favorite cardigan because of the material (it is easy to wash and does not pill!) so a white one would have been fantastic, sadly this one was way to big and the white semi sheerness would have made it tricky to sew. I sent a picture to a friend but she passed on it too.

Finding refrigerator dishes is hard and this one was in pretty good condition but the color would not go with anything I own so I left it behind. In terms of kitchenware I am trying to stick to blues, jadeite and yellow.
salt shakers...
I don't know why but I always look at the salt and pepper shakers. I have a good set and don't really need another. I enjoyed their "cat liner" and how their faces where painted.

what did come home with me
Ever since the Christmas items have been put out I have been looking through all of it to find some vintage ornaments. Last week I was able to find a box! I am however not used to how delicate these are and I chipped (you could say broke) one taking it out of the box. I taped the broken top back on and it looks alright... I also managed to straight up smash one since I forgot the box was broken...oh well I have three now:)
The turquoise melmac set has been at the thrift store for a few weeks now and I always look at it. My grandma has a set so I figured it being there three times now meant I was to take it home. I have a thing for cream and sugar sets so this is oh my fifth set...

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