Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 thrift wish list

You never actually know what will be at the thrift but it is good to have a plan so you don't come home with things you won't use. Here is my wish list of items for 2017 plus the things that I always keep an eye out at thrift stores and pop-up sales.

glassware/ kitchen
@thatretrochick posted her Christmas gifts those along with her profile picture have many of my wish list items. I would love to find a hazel atlas candy stripe bowl, polka dot grease jar and and glassware that has writing on it like that adorable drippings jar. A catherine holm bowl or two would not hurt either.

I always like to look through the planters. I would love to find a mc coy offering like the one below found on etsy.

For 2017 I am really going to try and "try" clothes on at the thrift. Last year I was lazy and left a few pieces I should have just tried on! I am always on the hunt for vintage knits and blouses and one white rabbit that I have never been able to find a 1950s cotton circle skirt...

The past few years I have been looking for a mid century wood dresser or bookshelf etc anything wood and mid century really. Fingers crossed I stumble across a good piece this year.

I think that is it, I was able to find some real gem in 2016 so fingers crossed my luck continues!

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