Monday, January 9, 2017

last week in pictures

Last week I was able to meet up with an "instafriend" (@thecrinolinequeen) for coffee and a bit of vintage hunting. I adore chelsey's feed for her winged liner and vintage style. It was really nice being able to finally meet up with her and exchange a few items from my closet that I thought would fit her style. The above cardigan was one of those items, and it looks fabulous on her!

We visited a few thrift shops and one vintage store I had yet to venture out to (aka brian's corner)
I able to snag a vintage lucite brooch and a 1940s corde purse at the salvation army. While value village broke my heart...I picked up the most fabulous grey wool cardigan but sadly it is now in the trash can... turned out I had the vintage version of drunk goggles on the cardigan is covered in moth holes which are not fixable *le sigh*. I picked up an adorable jadeite planter from brian's corner.

Over the weekend I added a few new listings to my etsy shop including this fabulous 1940's wood and sterling silver spider brooch!

Has was last week for others?

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