Monday, January 23, 2017

last week in pictures

Last week I sorted through some more of my kitchenware and found a few more items I am ready to part with (they have found homes). I am trying to keep/own items I really love and adore while trying my best not to come home with vintage just because it is vintage. The yellow pot was the toughest choice it is not ergonomic enough for me and my little fingers get burnt touching the enamel but oh it is cute!
naked skincare was having a 25% off sale and I did need to stock up on my cleansing oil so I decided to try out a new product at the same time. I chose the exfoliating mircrograins because the ingredient list made me drool, matcha, pineapple, oats and chamomile...
I did buy it thinking I could use it as a mask if I added more water to it and well no that doesn't really work. I did add some clay to try and make it a mask as well and that was still a bit too chunky... adding a squirt of my gel cleaner was the winner it made it less messy to work with (if you have ever used cleansing grains you know they are messy) It smells AMAZING yes all caps were necessary and does a really good job of naturally exfoliation the skin, another winner from naked skincare!

I ended the week with some tiny little vintage treasures...I originally left them at the store since they weren't really a set I would have preferred them all to have aqua stars buuuut I was out running errands a few days later and decided to pop back into the thrift store to see if they were still there and yes, yes they were so they came home with me. I don't know why I wanted them but I did. Still trying to find a good use for them.
and that was my week.

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  1. I heard of Naked skincare but have yet to try them, I still need to check them out. And these glasses are too cute!!

    Allie of ALLIENYC