Tuesday, February 7, 2017

indeed labs 10 balm vs farmacy honey savior

I have a bit of a thing for honey as an ingredient in skincare. These two honey based balms are surprisingly different so here is my take on them!

Indeed labs 10 balm (found and shoppers drug mart or on the indeed labs website)
Indeed labs 10balm boasts 10 skin soothing ingredients such as honey extract, bee pollen, vitamin e and arnica. It is a pale yellow light weight lotion that sinks into the skin nicely. With my oily skin it does seem a bit heavy to wear under make-up but at night it is fine.
I was having really stressed out hormonal skin when I decided to buy this, it did soothe the dry and red skin but sadly didn't stop my skin from scarring as much as I had hoped it would. I am still using it on my acne scars since the ingredients are really quite nice.

Farmacy honey savior (found at sephora (online only not in winnipeg stores) or farmacy's website)
Honey savior is a more traditional oil based salve made with honey extract and other essential oils. It is pricey so I stuck to my guns and waited for it to be offered as a sample at sephora luckily I didn't have to wait long!
I wanted to use this on blemishes to try and help them heal while not drying my skin out. The texture of this is a clear thick gel which doesn't really absorb well into my skin, which I am okay with. I like to dab a big dollop of it and let it soak in overnight on blemished areas. It does seem to combat the redness and stop blemishes from being flaky in the morning.

Overall I like using both and I think they serve two different purposes. I would use the honey savior on more cracked and cut skin while the 10balm is great soothing lotion that can be used on the face and is great to use on dry skin around the nose.

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  1. aahh the weather lately has been so bad on my skin (plus, it's so dry in the apartment). haven't heard of any of these brands before, though. that and I haven't gone to the mall/shoppers drug mart in a long time, haha! thanks for sharing your thoughts, will definitely be on the lookout for these.