Sunday, March 5, 2017

new to me beauty - cruetly free with frank body and well people

Quite a few of my beauty items ran out recently and I am trying to slowly swap out as many products as I can to be natural, hand made or in the least cruelty free. There have been some real winners so here is a look at them.

frank body lip balm (cruelty free)
This came in a set with a lip scrub so I was happy to try it. It is really thick but is wonderful to wear on the lips overnight. There is no scent or color making it great for sensitive skin types. My only complain it the packaging, it is really hard to squeeze out of the tube a pot might have made more sense with this one.

frank body lip scrub (cruelty free)
I am a lip scrub fiend and could not wait to try this (it took me 6 weeks as my first order got lost in the mail...but it was worth the wait!) This is made with coffee oil (it smells divine) and has the perfect texture, not too crumbly but also not more balm than sugar.
I was really impressed with my order from frank body that am already planning on stocking up on the lip scrub it is that good.

real techniques stippling brush (cruelty free) found at Walmart or Rexall in Winnipeg
I was looking for a new brush to help me apply bronzer/contour properly since I just can't seen to get the hang of it. This brush does look crazy but it is 100% what I needed for me not to get too heavy handed in my application. It deposits color fabulously and also blends it in so there are no harsh lines.
Online reviews state that the bristles fall out I have washed my brush and it seems to be all good, so fingers crossed.

w3ll people bio correct concealer in fair (natural, vegan, cruelty free)
Oh how I want to love this... It has amazing ingredients which made me excited to try out a new concealer but I can't get on with it. I will use it until it is done but won't repurchase. It is an odd mix of being creamy with not as much coverage as I would like for under my eyes but also to dry for my skin. I do have to apply a really thick eye cream before hand for this not to look cakey.
As for covering blemishes I also haven't found it to me amazing for that either. The shade fair is good match for me just a warning these are peach toned to cancel out darkness so don't think they will be skin colored.

If anybody has any suggestions for a natural concealer that they use do share!

There will be a part two soon as I will have a new cleanser and a few other bits to test out.

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