Wednesday, April 26, 2017

my week in pictures

I am always drawn to the scarf section of the thrift store but never wear any of my finds. Neckerchiefs are back in trend and I have been seeing a lot of them lately so I decided to give it a go!  I wasn't as self conscious as I thought I would be wearing it out so I may even do it again, and of course keep looking for more scarves.

I picked up this owl cookies cutter from @atomic_age_vintage at a pop-up sale and finally got a chance to bake with it. I was stubborn and wanted to make an earl grey glaze but it really did not go with the owl theme so they looked a bit weird. Next time I shall not be so lazy and grind up my tea before hand so it looks less leafy.

I haven't come home with much from the thrift store as of late so when there was some vintage to be had I ended up just bringing it all home with me:/
The black snowflake is for my personal collection, it is from England (the British version of pyrex).
I had decided that the snowflake pattern was one of the few things I will collect in pyrex so it was a good find.
The vintage glass and children's novelty planter were the impulses I may put the planter in my shop since it is really cute and I can't find a similar one for sale. It is good to have a few extra vintage pieces laying around for gifts etc, they will get used.

How was last week for others?

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