Sunday, April 2, 2017

shopping local in winnipeg : recent finds

The snow has barely melted but I have already had the itch to go out and do all of the things which included picking up some locally made items from local shops. Yes buying local is more expensive but these things are some of my holy grail items so here is a look at a few items I don't mind spending a few extra dollars on:)

found in the exchange:
cherry baggu bag (not local but bought local at tiny feast)
My purse is a clown car of re-usable bags I do not take plastic bags home from stores. My current ones are not cute so I decided to try a baggu. I already used it to carry home my goodies! I picked up the "baby baggu" it seems to be a great size for what I use reusable bags for most of the time....note a bag of chips will not fit in it:(

just the goods vegan deodorant (bought at tara davis studio boutique)
My previous bottle of this lasted me a year (yes that is gross) so I knew I needed a new one. I really enjoy this deodorant because it is pretty great at not getting white marks on your clothes and is the best natural deodorant I have tried for actually making you feel fresh though out the day.

beeproject apiaries neighbourhood honey in assiniboine park (bought at parlour coffee)
I was never at the right place and time to pick this up until now! Assiniboine park is the closet 'hood to my house I can't wait to give this a try.

ohdoughnuts! earl grey glaze (bought at parlour coffee)
I had yet to try an ohdoughnuts offering so I was quite pleased that parlour had some left for me to try at 2pm and in earl grey of all flavours! It was really lovely not to sweet and not to doughy. I get the hype now.

charleston and harlow candle in night moves (bought at margo and maude)
I adore the scents that charleston and harlow come out with. Their spring line has some really unique scents but it was night moves; a night garden floral that won my heart. I have yet to burn it but sooooon my mad for plaid has one burn left on it.

tension roller made and bought at shop public
This beauty is made from peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender mmmmm as it turns out I don't really use this as a tension roller I don't think the concentration of oils is quite strong enough to give that tingly cooling feel but I do use it on my skin/blemishes since all of the oils are antiseptic it has been a nice change from tea tree. 

What is on your local shopping list?

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