Monday, April 10, 2017

thrfiting a spring wardrobe

The snow is now gone and youtube/blogs are full of spring wardrobe posts! I have a thing for following British gals on youtube some of my favorite spring wardrobe posts are from What Oliva Did and The Anna Edit  I also enjoy the simpler wardrobe idea started by Un-Fancy.

That being said this past month I have been trying to "try" clothes on at the thrift and make sure I add some new pieces to my wardrobe. I have done better than I thought I would. I think last year I bought all of 4 things the whole year so to come with clothes instead of housewares is a small win for me.

My motto as always when I look for items is classy quirk. Here is a look at what is new to me this spring!

vintage: green 1940s knit top - salvation army $3.49
I maybe find one to two vintage pieces that fit me a year. I really like the colour and material of this top. I don't care for the tie neckline or the gold beads....I might removes the beads to make the shirt seem more simple, haven't decided on that just yet I did it looks weird but I am sure I will get used to it.

classic: grey wool t-shirt (the gap) - value village $12.99
I have been trying to be more of a jeans and t-shirt type of girl so a knit t-shirt really suited that.
I liked that this one is a cotton blend so it can be machine washed which is a blessing for me. I also liked the neckline and the fact that it will allow me to wear my brooches.

quirky: cherry blouse (dynamite) - value village $7.99
I love to wear nylon printed blouse mainly because they are so easy to wash and wear. I was doubtful about this print and almost didn't buy it but I am glad I did, so far it has been the top I have worn out the most.

classic: black blazer (aritzia) - value village $7.99
Every time I am at the thrift I look for a blazer. I am petite and the only ones I seem to find are made from awfully cheap material. I love the lapel and the fact that yet again I can wear the brooches I seem to always come home with.

Overall the newest additions to my wardrobe cost me $32.50 which is pretty amazing.

What are you looking for this spring and do you thrift your wardrobe?

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