Sunday, June 4, 2017

new to me canadian and cruelty free beauty: the ordinary + marcelle + cover fx +b kamins

Since trying to make sure the new beauty items I buy are cruelty free I have stumped upon many Canadian brands. Here is a look at some of the things I have been using recently.

The Ordinary:
I will admit I haven't been excited to try a skincare brand out in a long time, but the ordinary ticked all the boxes. I ordered 2 items and promptly ordered 2 more, there are even few more things I wouldn't mind trying out too!
coverage foundation: I did have high hopes for this one but sadly with my super oily skin this broke down and made my skin look cakey in some spots. I am using the shade fair pink (1.1P) as a concealer and all seems to be going well using it like that.
100% rose hip oil: I use this an my night oil it is simple and works well. Rose hip oils is great for oily skin and helps with hyperpigmentaton. I have no complaints about this one.
niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%: This is one of the newest additions to my skincare regime. Niacinamide  is good for balancing oiliness and large pores. I can only use this at night since it doesn't seem to sink into my skin all to well in the morning so far everything is going good it has caused no problems.
caffeine solution 5%: I expected miracles with this eye gel and I think my eyes are just too puffy to be tamed. It is fine I just haven't noticed a night and day difference since using it but since I have it will continue to use it.

b kamins triple power exfoliating mask:  My skin is not sensitive so I like to use a "peel" or exfoliating mask once or twice  a week. This one is a light lotion that sinks into the skin and is easy to wash off. It doesn't really tingle but it does make my skin feel bright and smooth. It is fairly affordable as far as masks are concerned overall I am pretty pleased with it.

cover fx bronzer in suntan: I used this to lightly contour/bronze my cheeks this is quite pigmented but blends easily. My cheeks always seem to have little bumps on them it is either my pillow of the fact that I have been using talc based cheek products. I am a week into using this and no new breakouts have occurred.
marcelle ultra gentle cleansing gel: This is essentially a Canadian made and cruelty free version of the cerave cleanser I was using before. It is simple and keeps my skin from getting overly irritated. I am half way through my bottle and know this will be my new go to cleanser.

What are our favorite Canadian made beauty brands/products?

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